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Founded in 1881, the Indian Tea Association is the premier and the oldest organization of tea producers in India. The Association has played a multi-dimensional role towards formulating policies and initiating action towards the development and growth of the Industry, liaising with the Tea Board, Government and other related bodies. The ITA has branches at different locations in Assam and West Bengal. With over 425 member gardens, the ITA and its branches represent over 60% of India's total tea production. As employers, ITA member gardens provide direct employment to more than 400,000 people.


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PRODUCTION: (Quantity in Million Kgs)

  1998 2005 2007 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Production 874 946 986 966 1116 1126 1200 1185
Imports 9 17 16 20 21 21 20 20
Exports 210 199 179 222 215 208 219 201
Consumption 650 760 798 860 881 903 926 912
PriceĀ  (Rs/Kg)
76.73 58.67 67.97 106.32 106.07 125.25 132.2 126.88

History Of ITA

Founded in 1881, the Indian Tea Association (ITA) is the premier and oldest Association of tea producers in India. ITA, since its inception has remained the principal advisory and supervisory body in the tea industry. Initially set up to promote orderly growth and collective thinking in Tea, ITA has evolved into a forward thinking organization incisively reading industry trends, encouraging innovative thought, benchmarking best practices and their adoption in industry -- thereby serving as a strong bridge between various segments of the tea industry, trade and Government. ITA continues to discharge a multidimensional role, formulating policies and effectively liaising with the Tea Board, Central and State Governments and a wide spread of quasi Governmental and regulatory agencies.
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India Tea Trade Dinner (ITTD)

India Tea Trade Dinner (ITTD) on Wednesday, 8th April 2015

Tea Delegation to Russia over 10th to 15th February 2015

Tea Delegation to Russia over 10th to 15th February

Press Release - CCPA Response to GreenPeace Report

CCPA response to the GreenPeace Report - Press Release is

PRESS RELEASE - Severe drought affects tea production in North India

Since the beginning of 2014 adverse weather conditions have been

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Tea has always had pleasant associations with relaxation, but now scientific research from around the world suggests that tea may have significant positive health benefits. It has long become clear that incidence of many diseases is closely linked with dietary habits. For example, evidence from basic laboratory research and observational studies in the human population convincingly established that persons who consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables experience lower cancer rates. In sharp contrast, the role of beverage consumption on human health is less clear. Except for studies on alcohol and human health, it is only recently that the issue of consumption of beverages and human health has become a subject of interest. One observation needs mentioning.